Schools Club Link & LTA Youth

LTA Youth Schools

  • The Primary School Teacher Training course is now live. All information on the new schools programme, training and link for teachers can be found here: LTA Youth Schools.
  • One of the key benefits of a teacher attending the training is that they will receive a £250 voucher to pay for 10 weeks coaching, by a LTA accredited Youth trained coach, or to purchase equipment.
  • Please contact your linked primary schools to encourage them to participate and utilise your services to deliver coaching to pupils.

LTA Youth Coach Training

  • The LTA now have over 400 coaches trained to deliver LTA Youth across the region. If, for some reason, you or a member of your coaching team were unable to attend a session, there will be more courses online soon. To find a course near you: LTA CPD Course Search

Bringing tennis clubs and schools together

Tennis clubs rely on the next generation of players for their future survival. The more young people they can get playing the game, the better. At the same time, schools are full of kids who’d love the chance to play tennis.

A School Club Links programme gives clubs the opportunity to go into schools to spread the word about the game they love and help with the below:

  • An opportunity to forge links with the local community through schools
  • The rewarding experience of working with enthusiastic young people
  • The chance to inject new talent and energy into the club
  • Raising the club’s profile in the community with positive PR
  • Ensuring the future of the sport in the local community
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