Lane sees off all comers at Bromley

Lane Stow is not a player to be trifled with, when it comes to tennis tournaments you play him at your peril. Again for the umpteenth time he came back with medals at his latest tennis journey, a gold in the singles and a silver in the doubles. Like  his idol Roger Federer he continues to play a superior quality and  consistent game than his adversaries (although I have detected a change of allegiance to Novak Djokavic recently). Swindon’s Mr Bling probably  now boasts more silver and gold than there is in Fort Knox and The Tower of London combined! His court movement and anticipation skills have improved enormously and he has always given 100 per cent in his work and always strives to do better. So all you Down’s Syndrome people young and old why not come along and have a go. Join Lane in the tennis revolution!

For more details contact Delta Tennis on 01793 872699. Our Sunday sessions are from 5 to 6 pm throughout the year

Alan Elbourn




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