Obituary: Graham Daniels

We are sad to report that Graham Daniels, a stalwart of Wiltshire tennis in the 1950s, died in January at the age of 89.

Graham lived in Salisbury, and he was a prominent member of the Salisbury tennis club at Harnham. He played regularly for Wiltshire, and was part of the county team that briefly reached the dizzy heights of Group One at County Week in the late 1950s. Earlier he had won a tennis blue at Oxford, and he was a member of the Oxford-Cambridge Prentice Cup team that toured the US in 1956. 

Apart from tennis, Graham was also a talented musician. He played the flute, and was chairman of the Salisbury Orchestra Society for many years. He sang in the Choral Society, generally as the lead tenor.

Geoffrey Owen (Wiltshire Tennis President)

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