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Team Tennis Schools is a programme of nationally organised competitions, providing Secondary School and Further Education pupils with the chance to play competitive tennis. All competitions begin locally and culminate in a national final.

Secondary schools tennis competitions are growing with 13,700 players from over 3,200 schools’ tennis teams competing in the following three competitions in 2017:


The Year 7&8 and Year 9&10 Competition is the priority schools tennis competition for secondary schools in Great Britain. The aim of this competition is to provide players of all abilities with the opportunity to compete in a school team tennis competition, with more successful teams able to progress on a pathway to a National Final.   Local league matches are played in the Summer Term between April through to July where teams compete in localised leagues. The majority of teams play in Division 2 where winning teams can progress through to a Regional Finals Day in the Autumn Term.

Division 1 winners from the local leagues will progress through to knockout rounds from September, Regional Finals in November, with the National Finals taking place in December. The LTA Support Centre then organises the subsequent Knockout Stage; Regional Finals and the National Finals.

Sam Kingdon is the 2022 Year 7&8 and Year 9&10 Competition organiser for Wiltshire and can be contacted on email [email protected] 

2019 Wiltshire  School Leagues

2018 Wiltshire Leagues

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