8U County Cup Reports

Group: A Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre

Players Girls: Ava, Mia, Kate, Talluah

Players Boys: Nathaniel, Felix, George, Scott

Captain: Dave Morris

Morning Session – The girls started first with us playing Vs Sussex in our first match. It was a challenging start but all the girls battled well and fought for every point despite losing 0-8. In their second match we played Buckinghamshire the home county. There were a lot of close points and a very positive response from the girls. They all fought very hard and remembered what they have learned in training about staying in the point. We ended up drawing 4-4 with Buckinghamshire which was a very positive result. Our next two matches had the same result with a 7-1 loss to both South wales and Hampshire and IOW. However the girls showed tremendous resilience and a true competitive spirit in all their matches. All together the girls gained a lot of competitive experience playing 8 singles matches in one day! And definitely should feel proud about how the acted on court and how they represented the county well.

Afternoon Session – It was the boys turn and they were all very excited to get started with the event. They played the same counties in order as the girls did in the morning and we started with Sussex first. It was a tough battle against a very good Sussex side who went on to with the event, the boys fought hard and shows great energy on court. They had some very close matches with two of them going to 10-9. However in the end Sussex came out on top 7-1. Next we played Buckinghamshire which was very close loads of closed points and some fantastic rallies, George managed to win both of his matches and give us 2 points. Then in the next matches Vs Hampshire IOW and South Wales all of the boys managed to get a win on the board which made them all very pleased with themselves. It was a long afternoon so for them to keep focused for that length of time was a fantastic effort.

Overall both the girls and the boys fought brilliantly with a true competitive spirit. Hopefully now they use this experience in future tournaments and draw on their experience at this event. Wiltshire tennis is very proud of all of their efforts and hard work!

Dave Morris (Team Captain)

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