2023 Winter County Cup

The County Adult teams played in the LTA Winter County Cup event on 24th – 26th November 2023.

The men’s team competed in Aldershot and the ladies in Newport.

Men’s Team

– Alex Heaps, Neil Watts, Francis Smith, Cameron, Michael, Ben Rogers, Rory Smith and Giles Hussey
CAPTAIN – Neil Watts

Another successful campaign marks the end of a great year for the men’s county team. Promotion in the winter backing up their promotion in the summer is starting to push the team towards the higher divisions where they belong.

It was a massive effort and thank you to our star player Giles Hussey for turning out for a day before flying to Kuwait.

Comprehensive wins over Cornwall and the Isle of Man made the Sunday’s doubles rubber dead but the boys still turned up and put in a professional display even with some of the players carrying injuries.

An exciting 2024 ahead for the team.

Men’s Captain – Neil Watts

Ladies Team

– Holly Fleming, Rebecca, Georgia, Jessica Doerr, Sophie Clark, Hannah Booth, Stephanie Hislop
CAPTAIN – Sophie Clark

The Ladies beat Cumbria 6-3 and the Channel Islands 6-3. They lost to Cornwall finishing runners up in the group

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