9U County Cup Report

Venue – Aldershot Tennis Centre

Captains – Lewis Fletcher and Neil Watts

Girls Team: Gabrielle, Mary, Lowri and Ava

Boys Team: Myles, Leo, Euan, Nathaniel, Zach and Guy

The Wiltshire 9U Boys and Girls competed in the LTA 9U County Cup held on Sunday 24th March at Aldershot. This event brought together young talents from across the region – Berkshire, Hampshire & IOW, Dorset, showcasing their skills and passion for the sport.

Throughout the duration of the tournament, it was evident that both the boys’ and girls’ teams were driven by a strong sense of teamwork and determination. Despite facing tough/more experienced opponents, the players displayed commendable resilience and adaptability, steadily improving their performance as the matches progressed.

The tournament comprised numerous matches. The long day of competition served as a valuable learning experience for all involved, fostering growth and development both individually and as a team.

As the tournament drew to a close, it was apparent that the players had gained invaluable experiences and insights that they could carry forward into their future training sessions.

Both myself and my fellow Captain, Neil Watts, will look forward to taking away what we saw to help the players in the 9U squad push forward at the next camp.

Lewis Fletcher (Captain)

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