LTA 8U County Cup – Southampton

Date: Sunday 23rd April 2023
Venue: Southampton
Captains: Lewis Fletcher and Catherine Fletcher
Counties in Groups: South Wales, Dorset and Hampshire and IOW
Boys Squad: Zac, Chris, Euan, Leo, Nathaniel
Girls Squad: Gabrielle, Lowri, Ava, Samridhi

What a great day for the boys team!! The boys were very competitive and challenged their opponents in every match they played!! There were a couple of losses in the singles but a 100% win in the doubles!! The boys won very strongly against south Wales and Dorset but only just lost out to Hampshire by two matches. Coming 2nd overall I was very pleased with the boys and great team spirits. Massive improvements from last year. Congratulations to all the boys.

The girls were also very competitive compared to last year. They were challenging and won matches or losing very closely. There was a lot of experience and learning to made from this county cup which will benefit the girls for next time round. Well done to all the girls.

Overall this county cup was a great experience for players and including the parents.

Well done to all involved including the coaches doing the training sessions.

Lewis and Catherine Fletcher

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